Mallee Plants of SA and VIC

Version 2.0     Released 9th Oct 2017     1.67GB

This new app for iPhone/iPad/iPod is ideal for anyone wanting to identify and learn more about the beauty and diversity of the plants which occur in the mallee of South Australia and Victoria. It is easy to use without or with some botanical knowledge.

  • This extensive app describes 775 of the approximately 2500 plant species found in the South Australian and Victorian mallee.
  • The app includes most of the commonly found species, as well as some of the rarer ones, including both native and introduced species.
  • Not just a wildflower app also included is many of the mallee Ferns, Grasses, Conifers, Rushes, Sedges, Saltbushes and Bluebushes.
  •  With over 6,000 images, usually with four ‘pages’ of photographs per species typically showing the plant form, leaves, flowers and fruit.
  • Each species has a text description of plant form, size and shape of leaves, flowers and fruits, flowering time, and its distribution within the mallee.
  • Functional and easy to use plants have been divided into 24 groups with sub-divisions within each group based on characteristics such as flower colour, fruit shape, or plant height.
  • A search facility is beneficial for users with some plant knowledge allowing plants to be listed based on family, scientific name, or common name.
  • A detailed glossary of more than 150 botanical terms as well as diagrammatic descriptions for various flower head forms, flower anatomy and leaf shapes.
  • No internet connection is required after the app is downloaded.
  • As this is a large file please be patient with the initial download.