Orchids of Tasmania


Version 3.0     Released 8th Oct 2017     174MB

With over 450 detailed photographs, Orchids of Tasmania describes 208 of approximately 220 orchid species native to Tasmania, Australia, including 67 species endemic to that state. With a description of the botany of each species along with the preferred habitat, main flowering period and confusing species the app assists in identifying both common as well as rarer species. A distribution map highlights where in Tasmania each species typically occurs while a search bar allows species to be located by either scientific or common name. As an aid to identification orchids may also be browsed by genus as well as flower colour. Orchids listed as threatened at both the state and national level are highlighted with a link to relevant sites for further species information. A glossary as well as photographic descriptions provide information regarding orchid anatomy and reproduction.

Though primarily aimed at a Tasmanian audience the app also has relevance to mainland Australia with 132, 103, 81 and 45 of the orchids represented being also found in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland respectively.