Flowering Plants of Tasmania

Version 2.3     Released 15th Oct 2016     321MB

Discover the beauty, diversity and uniqueness of Tasmanian wildflowers with this app for iPod, iPhone and iPad. Whether you’re just going walkabout, a student of botany, or an avid flower hunter this app is for you.

With over 580 detailed photographs the Flowering Plants of Tasmania app describes over 460 native species with 113 species found nowhere else than in Tassie. With a description of the botany of each species along with the preferred habitat and main flowering period the app will help you easily identify both common as well as rarer species. A distribution map also highlights where in the state the species typically occurs. Functional and easy to use flowers can be browsed by both plant form and flower colour. For those that already know their flowers a search function allows you to sort the list either by scientific (family, genus, species) or common names. Plants listed as threatened at either the state and/or national level are also highlighted with links to relevant sites for further information. Though specifically aimed at Tasmanian flora the app also has relevance for mainland Australia with 342, 300 , and 226 of the species listed being also found in Victoria, NSW, and South Australia respectively.

  • ID flowering plants by plant form and flower colour.
  • Use the search bar to find a plant by scientific (family, genus, species) and/or common name.
  • Information regarding the Threatened Status of each species at both the state and national level.
  • Each species described with detailed information on Form, Flower, Leaf, Fruit, Habitat, and Distribution.
  • A clear Distribution Map for each species indicating its range within Tasmania.
  • A detailed Glossary of more than 80 botanical terms including photographic descriptions for various terms.
  • A “Tasmanian Wildflower Locations” page gives details, including maps, to wildflower reserves in Tasmania as well as regional listings of places to look for wildflowers in Tasmania.
  • No internet connection required.